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OK, first off, I load and fireform for a couple AI rounds.
I also have a lot of history with a .45ACP and homecast bullets.  Noting that a .45 barrel that must have close to or more than 100K lead bullets thru it shows little to zip wear, I wondered:  Could I fireform for my AIs using a lead bullet and pistol powder, and would it cause as little wear to the barrel as the lead bullets in my .45?
Anybody tried this?  How did it work.
I already tried fast pistol powder and a TP plug, and was less than pleased by the result, so lets not discuss that, OK? :biggrin:

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Don't see a problem, just use some loads from say a Lyman manual for cast bullets to obtain some proper loads/charge weights. Watch for double charges.

In my 30/30 AI in the Contender, I use the cheap, surplus, 30 Carbine jacketed bullets to fireform cases. Group pretty good too.

A barrel will last virtually forever with sole use of lead bullets.

Regards, Ray
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