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I have now rolled 50 of Marshall's firelap bullets for 44 mag. I think I am doing it right, and if so, what a large chunk of my life this is taking!!!! I am rolling only about 10 per hour, and my goal is 200 for my S/S SBH!!!

Question: Since I have broken off more than one large bolt in my lifetime, I was worried about reducing the size of the bullet, but these are actually growing. I am ending up with bullets that mostly range between .435 and .438.   Is that what's supposed to happen?

Comment: is anyone working on a rolling machine to sell  firelapping bullets with the grit already imbedded? If not, I have some ideas.

Question: Do I need to treat these prepped bullets like tulips, or is the imbedded grit finish tough and hardy?

Comment: I found a good system for rolling: since metal is so consistent, I figured 'X' number of rolls would do the job, once I figured out what 'X' should be. For me that turned out to be 150 round-trips back and forth under the metal plates supplied by Marshall. Since I can get highly distracted by the country preachers or the country and western songs playing on the radio, I lose count way before 150. But I can handle counting up to 25.  So I stand up 6 of the bullets on the table in front of me, roll 25 back-and-forths, then tip over one of the 6 bullets, respread or refresh the lapping compound, then do another 25 back-and-forths. Since 6X25 is still 150, I'm getting a consistent result without having to concentrate too hard.

Since so many of you guys have a tag line at the end of your comments I guess I have to come up with one. I suppose 'tight lines and good fishing' won't work.  :>)
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