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The Remington 200gr corelokt soft point in my Marlin Chronographs right at the 2080 fps that the factory claims........My hand load of 38 gr of 3031 (above max in manual) and the 200gr Corelokt only does 2035fps.....Paco Kelly on has an article on theMarlin Remington and hse mentions using  H-335.....with the 180gr Speer........ I tried it but got a lot of muzzle flash , but it was accurate......... I would stay where I am like the other fellows said. By the way Paco likes the 180gr. Speer. I never got to use it on game......I really like the standard 200gr bullet as myshots are never over 75 yards.........Bob
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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