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First Rugersmithing job

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I have been looking for a Vaquero in .45 Colt in a 4 5/8th inch barrel. Blued and color case finish for a few years. The Catch? I Needed it to be a birdshead grip too.

Note, I said NEEDED. This was to be My Pet Project Find. I mean, the numero uno on the handgun want list.

Closest I could get was the Montado and that wasnt nearly close enough or the Vaquero Sherrif's model and that wasn't close enough either so I bought a grip and found a 4 5/8th inch Vaquero.

I haven't swapped Ruger grips before but its pretty straight forward and easy to do. Even dropped in a Wolff mainspring and trigger spring.

This is it. Complete and ready to go.


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Very, very nice.
I always loved the look of the birdshead, but do not like the feel of the grip.

good luck!
Looks nice Michael, now get out there and shoot it and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Took my new baby out shooting Sunday. That and my stainless 7 1/2" Blackhawk .45C. The birdshead grip is different. Rotation is similar up to the point when the toe makes solid contact with my little finger. That changes things some with follow through. One handed it's just like shooting the plow handle grips but two handed it is a noticable difference.

My wife wants to shoot it. She hasnt yet. She thinks it's pretty and says that maybe it should be her carry gun when we are out in the bush. :(

I may have to procure and build another one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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