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first time ever today shot a 44 mag

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first time ever today shot a 44 mag.update

Went to the range today and my brothers freind just bought a taurus 44 mag 8 3/8" barrel not the raging bull model but the other one . was shooting this load

literally had no recoil at all dont know if this is a mild load or porting works that good . But im in love in 44 now forget a 357 . i seen someone about 2 hrs later show up with a 4" barrel 357 and they were having a hard time . i dont think that load was to accurate but i put 2 shots on a 2' tall cardboard box at 100 yards 18" apart . maybe a faster load would be more accurate . What other loads are similar to this . i figure heavy more powerful loads will kick similar to my dads 40 s&w . that thing walks and its a heavy *** hi-point :eek:.
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my neighbor told me sincei can handle that h&r 10 ga i have just about all hunting caliber covered on the recoil department . I think revolvers have less recoil that semi autos . I was looking at a 500 8" version :D but the 44 is very comfortable . i though the raging bull 454 with 45 colt and +p loads would be fun
I think i could handle the 900-1000 ft lb loads . I like revolvers , I think a 500 s&w with loads from ballisticsupply would be good for me but i dont want to get ahead of myself . though when someone generally tells me about recoil and find out for myself i still disagree lol .

the m44 taurus is a good looking gun to me to . I could see getting into revolver hunting , down here you rarely get a shot past 30 yards i here
Did you read some of those reviews? Seems like a pretty inconsistent product.

Welcome to the world of the .44 Magnum, its all you really ever need out there, but the others just keep trying to be more popular... :D

I haven't shot that particular load, but if you step up to some real .44 Mag loads, you'll likely find it more 'pronounced'. :D

I think he just bought them at a pawn shop for plinking ammo but from he said he shoots deer under 40 yards he said last time he shot one in the hear about 15 yards(270win) so i guess those blaser would work for that also but me i was looking at ammo on midwayusa incase i get a 44 next year
I'm trying to get my dad to put one on layway for my bday/xmas since its. The same week .I. like the 44 plus there's a good selection of ammo .also if I get one I was looking at the ftx hornady and a 320 grain hard cast are they at 100 yards with iron sites
Oh yeah from I've seen 700-900 ft lb load is most common
Will the m44 handle plus p loads ? It doesn't have a double lockup like the rb series not that id want to shoot them. I was looking at 320 gr from doubletap and black hills which do you think is better for hogs ? . I'm going to try and hope I. Can put 200$ down and let my dad layway the rest. Plus 44 ammo is cheap and its a good lookin gun
My first time with e revolver was a rossi 357 with 38 spl loads 6.5" barrel.I had a part time job back in august if I would have saved my money I could have put one on layway sooner.I've been looking at the m44 for awhile. I wish the age to buy revolvers was 18 I mean here in ga you can hunt iwth one at 16. I think using a revolver is the best way for me to really get into it . I know anygun can kill deer but I want to use something I'm happy with.most ranges here don't get past 40 yards . Actually the guy who let me shoot his 44 said his last deer was takin at 5 yards or so
i havnt been able to get on in a few days but we all know about it lol . but heres whats new . on black friday me and my dad and little brother went up town . To just look around i had 25$ in my pocket and they had that taurus at my favorite shop , well the plan was to come back in about a week or sometime in december to layway it . but i feel like if you dont buy when you see something you really like you dont get another chance , so we was leaving the store after eyeballing the m44 taurus and i turned and looked at my dad and asked " you wouldnt happen to have 100$ would you " . well he did and i gave him my 25$ to pay him back like 1/4 of the 20% down . so ,,, i got the taurus m44 blued 8.3" on layway for 534$ . and owe 434$ still, he said he might pay all of the rest of it this month when he gets his vacation check instead of the 90 laway .

y'all dont know how much a 500$ gun is to my parents i mean i have 3 brothers and you know how it is when one gets somthing pricy lol . i feel kinda bad for asking for somthing like that but i really wanted it . plus i figured maybe oneday ill be able to return the favor .
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thanks yeah i hope i can become able to shoot it well with the proper shells . Im in general more of a shotgun person and wanted a bps 10 for abit 2 years but i already have a h&r 10 ga . and i just found out how fun revolvers are .

i wish i could get these grips for it . their the best revolver grips i have ever seen . but i dont know how different the taurus and s&w are . maybe i can email them about custom ones .
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