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first time ever today shot a 44 mag

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first time ever today shot a 44 mag.update

Went to the range today and my brothers freind just bought a taurus 44 mag 8 3/8" barrel not the raging bull model but the other one . was shooting this load

literally had no recoil at all dont know if this is a mild load or porting works that good . But im in love in 44 now forget a 357 . i seen someone about 2 hrs later show up with a 4" barrel 357 and they were having a hard time . i dont think that load was to accurate but i put 2 shots on a 2' tall cardboard box at 100 yards 18" apart . maybe a faster load would be more accurate . What other loads are similar to this . i figure heavy more powerful loads will kick similar to my dads 40 s&w . that thing walks and its a heavy *** hi-point :eek:.
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my neighbor told me sincei can handle that h&r 10 ga i have just about all hunting caliber covered on the recoil department . I think revolvers have less recoil that semi autos . I was looking at a 500 8" version :D but the 44 is very comfortable . i though the raging bull 454 with 45 colt and +p loads would be fun
The Raging Bull in 454 is a nice pistol. One of the guys has one and its accurate. Ive got a Ruger Super Redhawk in .454 and its a good oen as well.
Recoil with the .45Colt +P loads is light to moderate, and with heavy bullet Ruger Only .45 Colt loads its what I consider moderate compared to a 300 grain full power .454 Casull load. Full power .454 is very snappy and heavy as it comes back hard and fast. But since the Redhawk is so accurate with the 2x Weaver, I like shooting it.

But it is a whole different ball game than factory 240s in the .44mag.
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