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first time ever today shot a 44 mag

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first time ever today shot a 44 mag.update

Went to the range today and my brothers freind just bought a taurus 44 mag 8 3/8" barrel not the raging bull model but the other one . was shooting this load

literally had no recoil at all dont know if this is a mild load or porting works that good . But im in love in 44 now forget a 357 . i seen someone about 2 hrs later show up with a 4" barrel 357 and they were having a hard time . i dont think that load was to accurate but i put 2 shots on a 2' tall cardboard box at 100 yards 18" apart . maybe a faster load would be more accurate . What other loads are similar to this . i figure heavy more powerful loads will kick similar to my dads 40 s&w . that thing walks and its a heavy *** hi-point :eek:.
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I can tell you are excited about the 44. I lov'em too. I have not taken a deer with a handgun but I am sad to say I have bloodied a couple. My fault, not the round. I have taken several deer with the Marlin 1894 in 44 mag. using Marshal's 290 gr bullet. Hit animals low in the chest for a good blood trail, or take out both shoulders for DRT. Of coarse never forget the in your ear.
Congrats on the Taurus. It should be a great gun for as long as you want it to. Sounds like a good Christmas for you. You may be practicing by the new year. Congrats again.
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