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Ted: That load in the RCBS manual was developed with a gas check bullet not a bevel base. They reported velocities just under 1500FPS. That is just about the velocity where soft bullets unprotected by gas checks start to cause problems in my experience. BHN of 16 would  indicate a kind of medium hardness and you'ld think it would be not too bad. Try the seating out trick previously mentioned and also try reducing your load 1 grain at a time and see what happens. I would also try Re 7 at the starting load recommended in that manual as well as progressively greater charges. If you are casting those bullets yourself you could  try lapping out your mould an additional .001-.002 as a little bigger than a .001 differential between bullet and bore usually works better. I have to say that other than for very mild loads I find gas checked bullets a lot easier to develop loads for. Leading also seems to be increased if the bore is not entirely clean of copper fouling so a good bore cleaner may be in order. Good luck in finding a workable combination.
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