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over on a crappy forum I got kicked off of today for answering this topic, as well as pointing out common issues of police trade in revolvers,

it was posited as absolute fact that fixed sights on a revolver, or any handgun, is better for the shooter who expects to use it in the "field" or for serious stuff like hunting and police work.

Aparently there is no way that a revolver with adjustable sights can survive a fall in the woods, or a tussle with a criminal. But after I posted that gents like Jordan, Bryce, and kieth did heavy duty "rough usage" on their handguns, and they all focused on adjustable sighted revolvers for their last 2 decades of hand gunning, I got tossed out for being "insulting".

Further that after 1950 every police market revolver by colt, smith, and ruger all had adjustable rear sights on them. And that the guys shooting the "standard issue" matches for PPC used standard issue revolvers with adjustable rear sights..... doesn't that disprove the "fact" that a fixed sight revolver is the only game to consider for rough/field work?
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