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Iam looking for a relativly flat shooting load for deer and hog hunting . On occasin my shots can be 225-250 yards.Currently I am using beartooth 330 grain [email protected] f.p.s.I was just wondering if there might be a flatter shooting load,maybe a250 grain pill at 2500 fps and yes I know the trajectory of the 444 is closer to a rainbow than an arrow,but I love to shoot it just the same.

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I thought that Marshall had posted some loads w/280 gr. bullet, around 2500 fps.  Look through the postings below, anything with a title that includes 444 Marlin.

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In looking at the trajectory of the .444, with different bullets, I would point you to the retained velocity/energy levels of those bullets at the 200+ yards you mention.

Both the .44-290g LFNGC and the .44-330g LFNGC bullets are superb long range performers.   We harvested a nice whitetail buck here at a range of nearly 220 yards this fall with my posted load using the .432"-330g LFNGC bullet.  Sighted 3" high at 100 yards, the drop at that distance was only about 3" below point of aim.  The .44-290 isn't far behind.

In all fairness, I haven't had the chance to wring out my high velocity .44-280g WFNGC loads at longer ranges... this winter has been VERY cold and lots of snow.   When I get the opportunity, I'll post results...

I would stick with the heavier bullets for your longer range hunting work.

You already have the 330g pills, give them a try at your 200 yard range and let us know what happens.

God Bless,

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