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Flexible cleaning rods

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I'm having difficulty locating a flexible cleaning rod for my 1895G 45-70. Can anybody point me in the right direction? I've tried MidwayUSA, Midsouth, Brownell's, Gamaliel's, and Graf's. I also need some sort of bore guide for the chamber.
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The only one I've ever seen was a short Hoppe's nylon chamber brush type.

Sinclair makes bore guides for the 1895, but they work on the assumption that you remover the bolt (big screw on the lever; pull lever, remove bolt, reach in and remove ejector). It's not all that hard, and once you do it, you no longer need a flexible rod.

For cable pull-through cleaning, Otis make field cleaning kits with plastic-coated steel cables and pull-through brushes and patches. Scroll down here to see examples. These have been around for awhile.
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