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I can't remember where I heard this, but it works very well.

2 years ago we planted peas in summer- got mowed down in a week when they hit about 2 inches tall. Last year we put electric fence around the peas and pulled it when they hit about 3 feet. Man, did we see deer for about a month. thats how long they lasted.

This year we doubled the area planted and tried soy beans. Someone suggested using Milorganite as a fertilizer and a deterent(it's made from sewage). We wanted the deer to get some summer protien but did not want to lose the crop when it hit 2 inches tall AND did not want to fence 5-6 plots as we already fence about a 300 yd. by 300 yd dove field.

Well, the stuff kept them off till the beans hit shin high( 4 weeks), and they are tearing it up and growing horns. Plan to do the same at the end of august with peas.

Thought I might pass this along- heck, I might have heard it here to start with.


PS- shoot a coyote if you get the chance. They are getting thick up around Walterboro, S.C.
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