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This really works. have been doing it for ten years, several gun. Brownells' beddings are the best metal/wood glue that I know of. Have an 1903-A3 Springfield still glued in stock after 8 yrs (on purpose) but if you don't believe it, just miss one place on your metal with the release agent. You will not miss anything if you spray action/barrel with Pam a couple of times. Pam will also allow you to get a tighter bed due to the thiness of the layer of Pam versus Brownells' release agent. Also, be sure that you don't have any bedding coumpound lapping over the metal on the action/barrel or this can lock the action in the stock.

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I favor paste wax (the kind you would use on wood floors).

The smallest can you will find should be good for several lifetimes of bedding guns.  My dad has a can of Johnson's Paste Wax still going strong that he swiped from his mother, and she had been using it on their floors for a while before that!  As a plus it's not harmful to the stocks at all.

Old gunsmith friend of my dad's favored WD-40.  Swore by the stuff.  Personally I like the paste wax as you can easily see that everything is covered before dropping into the epoxy.

I may try the Pam once.  It does sound convenient.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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