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? for Bill Lester...

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Hi Bill,
I was reading though some posts and I noticed in your profile you are from Pittsburgh.
You seem to know your stuff pretty well and I was wondering if you could recommend a gunsmith in the Pittsburgh area?
I haven't been able to get a solid recommendation from any of my friends here...
I just need to get some trigger work done, but I'd like to find a good shop to rely on for all my needs.

Any help would be appreciated

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Thanks for the rec.
I was shooting a friend's gun last weekend which had a 2 lb trigger (and no "creep" ).  Man, was that nice!
Now I want to change some of my guns which all have stock triggers.
First up is my dad's old Rem. 700 VS (in 22-250).  It has a 15x Unertl so I was a little nervous about handing it over to just anyone to work on (I've heard  too many horror stories about guys getting their scopes broken at the gunsmith)
It's nice to have something to go on.
I live up in Monroeville (Plum actually), so I might swing by that Braverman sometime.  How's their powder selection?


Hmmmmm, maybe a drop in is the way to go. That would give me the option of switching back to the stock trigger easily....

thanks for the info
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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