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For love of the PCC

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Over the years I have accidentally ended up with, what I think, is a cool PCC collection. Clearly I'm into older guns, so no AR's for me.

Of the 4 I think my favorite will always be my first love...the M1 Carbine. It was one of the first rifles I bought with my own money, and since I was working as a gunsmith for a small arms importer, I got to pick from 11,000 carbines to find my little carbine.

I have also learned that back in the day, the .22lr was a VERY good ballistic analogue for the pistol length WCF cartridges. The trajectories are close enough out to about 150 yards, that most any good hand with a .22lr could be capable of an offhand hit at 150 yards pretty easy with a WCF centerfire at standard velocities.

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I don't see a 6PPC in the bunch! I was expecting pink plastic BR rifles! Dang Dyslexia takes the nuf out of life.
My benchrest rifle pre-dated the PPC dominance, it was a Shilen DGA in .222 and it was bright blue, with white racing stripes. I got that bug out of my system almost 30 years ago.
I'm starting to come around to the realization that the M-1 Carbine may be the best home defense carbine currently available.... especially with softpoint/hollowpoint bullets. This after 40 yrs of being a firearms enthusiast.
Just depends on your definition of “best” but the M1 Carbine with soft points or JHP’s is very effective inside 150 yards. Indoors, if you miss keep in mind that the .30 Carbine generally tends to have greater barrier penetration inside 100 yards than the vast majority of 5.56. The Winchester JHP is WAY better than you would think it was (not sure if they still make it), but I consider it a good deal better than the Hornady. I have never used the Cor-Bon load, but it looks rather promising. I have leveled a few yotes with the Winchester and the Corbon, but the Winchester was a bit more impressive. However, if you need to shoot through a barrier, the Hornady or Cor-Bon may be a better choice. But inside, or immediately around the house, any of the expanding .30 Carbine rounds will be very effective.
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I keep a Carbine around with plenty of ammo for the kids to step up from a .22.
Fun for all ages is a Carbine.
I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to shoot an M1 Carbine. My Carbine is a big favorite with my kids and when I’m gone I’m sure there will be a family Holy War over who get’s dad’s M1.
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