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This jacket is now in Montana.
I just bought an immaculate dark brown Cirrus sheepskin jacket. It is RAF Irvin style - that is, it has slash hand warmer pockets that accurate Irvin reproductions do not. The jacket is identified as "medium." I wear a size 40 regular sport coat. This jacket is too small for me. It will be an excellent fit for those who wear size 38 regular jackets and, perhaps, as small as 36 regular. I have original seller's permission to use his photographs in my visual description.

I want what I paid for the jacket. Price shipped in North America is $360. To ship elsewhere, we must identify any additional shipping cost.

I will also trade for a comparable Irvin-style jacket, B-3 jacket with horsehide sleeve facings, or ANJ-4 in size 40. Possible trades need be discussed to maintain comparable values.

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