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Model 83 traded.

Freedom Arms Model 83 Field Grade, 357 Magnum 6-inch barrel, Pachmayr grip - with box, papers, and non-completed warranty card. Your choice of Premier-grade square notch rear w/ramp front OR Freedom's Express sights. Graphics show square notch sight assemblies. A Freedom Leather right-handed strong side thumb break holster would be inclucded. Ask me about M83 left-handed holsters if preferred.

The Model 83 is in excellent condition. I bought it from a friend with the intention of converting it to 475 Linebaugh. Well, I've got my 475s. I have not shot this - I have no ammunition.

Outright sale price is $1200 shipped or pick-up. I will consider trades. I am interested in Pedersoli/Cabela's/Navy Arms/other Kodiak side-by-side muzzleloading percussion rifles in .72-, .58-, or perhaps .54-caliber. A set of smoothbore barrels would be very desirable.
A face-to-face trade might include a Savage 99 side lever safety rifle or action for 243/308/358 class cartridge, or for 99s of other calibers that were made after 308 Winchester's introduction to 99s.

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