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I've forgotten where I learned about doing this, but it seems to work for me.
Way back when reloading dies were made out of stone and the primers were smoldering chunks of rope...Well maybe not that far back.
The reloading dies made by the big manufacturers were no where near as precise as they are now. I learned to rotate my case 60 to 100 degrees as I sized the case. I would push the case into the die, say 1/3 of the way, size a bit, back off, rotate case and push it the rest of the way in to finish sizing.
Do the same thing as you seat the bullet, or expand the case for seating cast bullets, rotate the case a bit
The idea rotating the case you'll be removing a bit of any runout or minimizing it. I've not measured it but it seems to work for me with cast and jacketed stuff.

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