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This is funny, I was just looking at this old post last night as I remembered that you also spoke of lead "flashing" appearing on the outside neck areas of your brass after firing. I'm experiencing this myself now and am trying different measures to counter act it.

Having dealt with the good gents over at the cast bullet board, I've come to at least one possibility.

One that is quite obvious now is to use some form of M type expanding die or belling the case to prevent any lead shaving during seating. I didn't have one for my 35 Wildcat at the time of the first loadings.

My theory is that if you don't do this you actually shave lead off the side of the bullet while seating and those shavings deposit themselves into the lube grooves with the lube. We now have chips of "solder" in a nice "flux" material. Upon firing, these chips fly into every nook and cranny including some in the area between case and chamber wall before it fully closes up due to full pressure.

I'm going to test this theory soon and I'll letcha know what I come up with.

I'll see if I'm barking up the wrong tree here.


1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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