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FS: Pre-Ban Colt AR-15 *Price Drop*

I have a pre-ban Colt AR-15 HBAR Match Sporter that I would like to sell. It's sitting pretty in my safe and doesnt come out to play on the account that I like my 16" ARs better for plinking. I have shot one 30 round magazine through the rifle and it shoots extremely well, even with cheap 55gr American Eagle FMJs. It has the standard fixed carry handle, 20" bull barrel (I assume it's a bull barrel, it has little to no taper), rifle length handguard and a fixed butt stock. The rifle was manufactured in 1990.

The rifle comes with the original manual and a hard case. I'm asking for $1400obo +$75 for shipping if it has to be shipped. If you have any questions feel free to PM me and if anyone needs more pictures or details feel free to contact me. The rifle is located in Alaska.

For the moderators: This is also posted on another website in that site for sale section. If that conflicts with the spamming rules please let me know and I shall reformat and redo my add.

Thanks for your time.
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