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Fund For Animals' ads are disingenuous
By Gene Mueller

Talk about trying to brainwash an unsuspecting public, the animal rights group, Fund For Animals, is airing commercials on various radio stations that suggest the reason you are now seeing so many deer in or along highways is because hunting seasons are open and the hunters are chasing those poor deer into busy traffic and, well, you can imagine the rest.
What a bunch of phonies.

Hunters have nothing to do with deer being seen where automobiles normally zip by. The split-hooved lovelies are there whether there's a hunting season or not. Be honest now. Can you recall seeing deer in February, March, April, May, June, July or August? Of course you can and there isn't any deer hunting under way then.
I heard the commercial on my erstwhile favorite radio station, WMAL-AM. The station that once was home to old morning-drive "friends" Harden & Weaver, now allows itself to be manipulated by the animal rights movement. For shame.

The commercial announcement appears to be innocent enough when it cautions you to be on the lookout for deer this time of year, which is good advice what with the buck deer now thinking mostly of sweet female deer and in their quest of romantic conquest often throwing caution to the wind and consequently running smack into the path of oncoming auto traffic.
But Fund for Animals — a misnomer if ever there was one since the group collects contributions mostly for itself, not animals — warns that the deer are out there because inexperienced, armed youngsters are in the woods. I suppose FFA wants you to believe that those firearms-toting novices are organizing deer drives so the animals can be chased onto highways.
What a disingenuous attempt to swing the non-hunting public into the camp of people who worship at the altar of animals.
Shame on Fund for Animals, and shame on WMAL for accepting such insincere trash.

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Well, Ray, the obvious solution is to allow roadhunting and drive all those deer back into the woods!

What a bunch of phonies....
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