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I've got about 20+ of the recent issue 7 round M1911 mags. They have never malfunctioned in any issue M1911A1 that the unit had til we gave them up for M9s. We turned in our last 2 about 2 years ago. Never had a problem with any government mag. The current mfr. mags will have a 1M291 code on the base plate. The mfr. is Check Mate Ind. which received the contract on 1-11-75 and is still the current mfr. They also produce the M9 mags for the services. Check out and type in the cage code 1M291. I normally do not use my US mags that much except for extended range use. For normal daily carry I have 4 Shooting Star 8rds (full size) and 6 Shooting Star 7rd (officers) that have been just the opposite of yours and totally reliable after 8 some years.

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