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Garand Serial Number

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I have a Springfield Armory M1 that appears to be unfired and all original. The only part that isn't SA is the H&R bolt. The question that I have is that I can't find the serial number listed anywhere. The number is 7,003,XXX, and everything that I can find says that the last ones made were in the 6 mil range.
I know that Springfield Armory released some built with military parts starting in 2002, but the old guy that I bought this from swears that he got it in the late 70's, and I have owned it since 2001.
Does anybody know the SN range of the newer ones?
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Never heard of one that high - IIRC there was a contract to make match rifles in the late 50's, perhaps this might be one, but I'm basing this on speculation and things I somewhat remember from years ago... My check out Scott Duffs site.
Too high for a G.I. M1 Garand

It was probably made by Springfield Armory in Illinois, not in Springfield, Massachusetts. All the best...
I just couldn't take it any more, so I tore it down to check the barrel markings. It does indeed say Geneseo, Ill. on it. I should have just pulled it apart before asking! Thanks for the answers anyway>
Any chance the DCM had a do over on it?
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