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I don't have a Reeder revolver, but was considering one about a year ago.  All the articles I read said that he was really top notch.  I do know that John Linebaugh thinks very highly of him.  I don't think you can go wrong with one of his products.  But then again, all that I know about him is academic, I've never even held a gun he's worked on.  His website is fairly informative and the guns sure do look good.  I asked if he would put a barrel band front sight on a Black Widow and he told me, "No...that's one of the things that distinguishes John Linebaugh's revolvers, kind of a trademark for him, and we are good friends, I won't do that out of respect for John."  That almost made me buy the revolver from him right then and there.  Hard to find loyalty like that when it comes to money in a highly competitive market like the big bore revolvers.  The reason I didn't go with him is the same reason I didn't go with Linebaugh -- the wait.  He's backordered for quite a while.  He must be good.  If he already had the revolver I wanted, I'd go for it.
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