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Some of you may recognize me from other sites. After hearing of this website, I had to check it out. I'm very pleased at what I see.
Yes, my name means "ugly cat" in Spanish. Okay, got that out of the way ... heh.
I live in Utah, in the remote desert, where I can shoot for miles and miles if I wish (though most of my shooting is confined to 200 yards or less).
My current interest is using black powder revolvers, to which end I have reproductions of the 1851 Colt, 1858 Remington in .36 caliber, 1858 Remington in .44 caliber and 1862 Colt in .36 caliber.
I also reload for about 25 different rifle and pistol cartridges, on my Lee Challenger press and my Dillon 550B progressive.
At times, I also cast bullets (usually .380 inch balls for the .36 calibers, since I can buy lead bullets for modern calibers so inexpensively anymore).
My reloading library is extensive.
I own every issue of the American Rifleman from December 1928 to last month's issue. I've created a directory to many of the articles in these issues, so I can easily find information.
I formerly wrote a guns and reloading column for an Idaho newspaper, and that's why I created the directory to articles. It helped me innumerable times when someone wrote me with, "I got a 9.2X63 Shickelgruber my Uncle Ernie picked up in World War II. What can you tell me about it? ..."
I was a reporter in Washington, Idaho and Wyoming for 12 years, before I began working for Uncle Sam as a photographer and writer.
My interests include military history, archaeology, the history of the American West, fishing, antiques, old and first edition books, World War II history (both of my parents fought in World War II), cooking, savoring Scotch on the rocks with my pipe, astronomy and spoiling my two cats.
Anyway, I'm pleased to find this site. There is a wealth of information in here and I look forward to visiting often.

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I'm new here myself, and have also enjoyed cap&ball revolvers for a few years.
Had a Colt "signature" '47 Walker RI for a while but sold it to a collector after I couldn't hit anything with it after trying 'bout everything I could think of.
He disassembled it and stored it.
Still have a few Italian jobs, but recently got into a .41 mag BH and handloading.

I'm envious of your range: miles and miles sounds 'bout right to me!
Gettin' hard to find breathing room here in Nazifornia.
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