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I guess what really bothers me about this situation is that this gay bishop represents the tip of a big iceberg. Of course the news reports this like a big suprise. Were there not already gay priest/pastors in the church? So I suppose homosexual activety was generally approved of in at least a significant part of the ruling body of the church. So, it seems to me that what has happened is a very natural progression of a significant part of the Episcopal church. Though it is totally wrong, it is pretty predictable.

I was wondering what is missing in at least a big part of the Episcopal church. I think it's love. Jesus summed up the prophets when he said,(a bit of paraphrasing here) "love the Lord with all your strength, all your mind and all your body. Also love others as you want to be loved." It seems a lot of the church would rather accept anothers sin than to love others enough to help/correct them. That takes a lot of work and is very humbling. It also requires going back to the throne of grace to seek God's help and blessings. That takes a lot of prayer and humbling ourselves before God. At least in my experience, that ofter hurts. In the short term, it's so much easier to accept sin when we ourselves are not willing to do what Jesus demands. And of course, the gay priests/pastors are also unwilling to love God, themselves or others enough to put God first. No matter what, the word of God is true. We love the sinner and hate the sin. I think we all need to love the sinners as Jesus loved the sinners (all of us). It's a lot easier to judge than to love and pray for others. Something about the speck and the log.

I have often told my students that Lucifer did not get kicked out of Heaven for drinking, smoking, gambling or wearing bluejeans to church. It was pride. Pride is declaring yourself to be your own authority or godhead. The very same kind of pride that we all have to deal with every day on Earth. Where love is master (we should call that the love of Christ), pride is not a issue. Where pride is the ruler, there is no time for Jesus. Then darkness decends.

In all truth, I am not picking on the Episcopalian church specifically. Pride rules many churches. As soon as we take our eyes of Jesus, we slide into pride. Sometimes it's all at once and sometimes is slow, like a hazy dawn. The situation here is a terrible mockery of what is right. It's just my observation that the roots of this sin (pride) run deep all over. Maybe this gay bishop thing is a wakeup call, but waking up will requires us to get the "log" out of our own eyes first. Only done thru a close binding relationshipe with Jesus Christ. Then you will see change for the better.

Not to pick on anybody but I just felt the need to get this off my chest.

Blessings.......... Bill
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