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I had been thinking about getting new "stuff" for a while but put it off because I thought I'd be moving for educational reasons--but that won't be happening so this matters now :). Anyway, I'm a student, but I like to get out and do some hiking, shooting and climbing when I can. Fortunately my backyard just about fits the bill. I do have to head out for an hour or two before it starts to get interesting, though. So, with that in mind...

A New Watch
I've been without a watch for about a year now and I'm looking to pick one up. I'd like to keep it under $200 but I'll spend up to $250 (Canadian). I want something I can take outdoors. For ~$100-200 I would expect it should have no problems at all in the rain or snow, should be able to get me across a stream and shouldn't be fine with lots of dust.

I heard Luminox watches were extremely rugged and reliable and that they were used by some US armed forces. I also read that they're terrible watches :). Maybe a good Casio G-Shock would be a better choice? I'd prefer analog but a good digital watch is certainly great! What do you guys wear? What would you suggest?

A Backpack / Rucksack
My pack from high school is just about torn to shreds. I'd like something that can fill a dual purpose role as my school bag as well as an outdoor bag. I want something a bit bigger than a regular school backpack that functions as an tough outdoor pack. I do a little hiking, climbing, shooting and stream crossing. I also plan on using it when winter comes around, but I don't think that makes much of a difference.

There's a military surplus store I plan on checking out soon. CADPAT camo rucks stand out a bit too much in class ;). An average army green would be just fine. Do you think the packs there would be tough and reliable?

What are some good brand names, retailers or websites I could take a look at for something that fits this bill? Someone on another forum pointed it this pack. It's the right size and looks like a fantastic balance between the two roles I'd like a pack to fulfill.

Any thoughts of suggestions are cool right now :). I'd like to know what you guys use, I'm sure it's all good stuff.
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