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This is generic because it is a recipe that a friend uses on brisket, which is one of the more difficult meats to cook properly. Tried on both deer and hog and it is really good.
So is the brisket!

I recommend using an entire shoulder, as these are more difficult cuts of meat to cook owing to their thin shape, lack of fat, and plenty of connective tissue.

Place shoulder in a large pan, and fill at least halfway with a 50/50 mixture of Coke and beer. No necessary to remove bone.

Sprinkle favorite seasoning generously on exposed meat (Tony Crachen's [sp?] Cajun seasoning works great).

Cut up 1 lemon, 1 lime, and one onion, and cover meat with same. A little fresh garlic can't hurt either.

Cover, and slow cook in oven or crock pot all night on low heat (where it just bubbles). Drain liquid, toss what's left of veggies/fruit, then gently place on grill or smoker for a half hour or so until it dries out a bit and gets some color from the smoke.

Great 'as is' or refrigerated and sliced up for sandwiches. A disposable turkey basting pan covered with foil is ideal for the oven and simplifies cleanup.
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