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German SA LA's Deputy

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I have a German SA LA's Deputy in a .22 LR that was my fathers and is in need of a firing pin. can any one help me with this any backround information on this gun or any info on where i might get parts? any help information you have would be great thanks!

Bill Sheedy
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Your gun was made by Sauer & Sons, Germany These were made late 60's until I believe early 1970's. They were distributed by Hawes. an importer out of Los Angeles. There were a number of different models, all based of Lawmen tittles.There were two frames sizes, large frame and small frame. the small frame was .22 only. The oly difference in the models was the finish. Some had brass frames, chrome, part chrome and part blued, different grips. But under it all they were the same. Decent guns, sold to under cut the Ruger and Colt. At the time that was possible because of the strong dollar over seas. Value now is listed at 125 to 185 in excellent condition.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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