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I have had an interest in getting my pistol permit for many years. I'm married, and have 2 small children. My wife is not a huge fan of guns, but i would very much like to get into target shooting. I have been shooting with my father before, and shot a .380, and a S&W .40 and loved it. do you have any suggestion on how to approach this??? Safety is a major concern with children in the house, so a gun safe is in order without a doubt. Any sugestion would be great. Thaks , ShawnS:confused:

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I am no expert but you asked so here goes.

You are right about the safe being number 1.

After that it depends on the age of your kids and the depth of your wifes feelings.

The earlier you can teach your kids that you guns are not toys and need to be respected the better.

If your kids are old enough to get involved with you, do it.

That will alleviate any dangerous curiosity - if you can get your wife into even better.

Just be careful.

If you want to keep a handgun handy, look into one of the pushbutton combination safes that you can open in the dark.

I would also advocate never keeping one in the chamber if you buy a semi-auto, just as an extra safety for curious kids.

You can train yourself to rack the slide quick enough if you have to.

Just my 2 cent.

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Well, you have two separate issues, one is to get a carry permit and the other is to start target shooting with a handgun.

I'm glad that you have thought through the safety aspect, that is really important. Now, you are going to have to go through one thought process to pick out a carry gun, and another to go down the target shooting path.

Carry guns tend to be on the light but powerful side - which is what makes them useful. Target guns tend to be on the heavier, much less powerful side, for shooter comfort and accuracy.

You also have the issue of a non-shooter (or less interested shooter, your wife) who might need at some point to become proficient in shooting the carry gun.

So.... all this leads me to think that your first purchase, if you don't have one already, should be a .22 of some sort. Revolver is simpler to operate, although I sure do like my .22 auto. So that will have to be your first decision, revolver or auto.

Then you need to run a 500rd brick of ammo (less than $10!) through the .22, to have some chance of getting the basics down. Once you have those basics down, your ability to handle any reasonable carry gun will be much enhanced.

Same with your wife, she needs to have basic proficiency with a gun if it's going to be in the house. And I can assure you, she is not going to jump right in and have fun shooting any full-powered gun without some experience. So blow another $10 and get her some .22 ammo too.

Make sense?

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I would second the opion for a 22lr. Get everyone envolved and learn the basics. After purchasing the firearm the ammunition is the biggest cost. Good luck and enjoy the sport.

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40 Cal,

I'm part of a dozen men who have carry permits here in hometown. Most of us go to church together. Like your wife, few of the ladies in our group have a passion for the shooting sports, but at this point they all have their own permits.

Getting your wife involved in the process is greatly to your advantage. Strongly suggest that to her that she come and take the safety classes with you, as a way to help reduce her anxiety about the situation. If she understands the safety process, and the commitments you're making to your family, she should have fewer fears. Our shooting range has a lady instructor named Connie, who arranged "Women-only- nights" for our gals to shoot. It's a much more relaxed group of women on the shooting line without their men looking over their shoulders!!

It took more than a year to convince a couple of the wives to come along. Our church youth group planned to attend a Christian Concert given in the court of the local shopping mall. This was shortly after the shootings a Columbine High School, and everyone was a little extra edgy about the safety of our kids. There were six couples all carrying at the concert. We floated around the edge of the center court and let the kids have their fun. The two wives who didn't have their permits applied shortly afterward. Amazing what the maternal instinct will do!

One last thought......a couple of years ago, a screw-ball walked into a Baptist church on a Sunday and calmly fired off 50-60 rounds at the congregation. He slowly walked back and forth in the back of the church, shooting at people as he got a glimpse of them, reloading his pistol several time. He was finally subdued and is now locked away in a psychiatric ward somewhere. The gun-control fanatics had a field day with it. Can you imagine the headlines on national news if twenty people had stood up and returned fire on this guy?

Persue your right to carry, and wear the responsibility of carrying proudly and well. There aren't enough good people willing to bear the burden these days.

Don "Lobo" Lohr in snowy West Virginia

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You have gotten some great info so far.

One thing I would point out from my experience. A carry permit allows for the aditional bonus of absolute, positive control of a handgun. I KNOW where my carry gun is at all times. I can feel it!

There are few worries about the gun falling into the wrong hands if it is tucked securely about your person.

Many of the target style .22 Autos will tuck nicely in a waistband. I believe that it was the good Col. Jeff Cooper that remarked on a .22 in the tear duct taking the fight out of any criminal. You could do alot worse. Remember that almost all defensive situations are solved without a shot fired. Usually, the presence of a firearm is enough to cause a criminal to seek easier prey. No one wants to spring a leak of any size.

Good Luck and get the gals involved but then be prepared to loose your favorite firearm to a gun grabbing female.

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