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Getting started

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I use about a case of shells a year and have been keeping the hulls .
I saw a used Mec 600 Jr. at the gun shop and wondered what I need to get started in reloading 20 guage 2 2/4 " Rem 1oz 7/8 shot, six fold crimp.. Can the shot be changed from 7 1/2 to six or four with out a powder change?. Nothing said in the Lyman book I have.
I already load rifle and hand gun , but never the shot gun.
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Thanks for all the reponse .
The Mec 600 Jr I was looking at was used and in twenty gauge.
I doubt I will load as much to warrent a progressive press, as I will not need that many for the double barrel in a year.
My wife shoots trap and skeet with her twelve and we use a couble of box's a week. If I was going to load for it, I consider the progreessive model.
Think I need to learn somewhere as I did with handgun reloading . I started with a used Lee Turret press ,and this past year my wife also got involved in shooting, went with the Dillion 550.The 550 works good once you have a good understanding of the machine, and can see trouble coming. Other wise you will be pulling a few bullets for lack of primers etc.
I load for rifle on a big RCBS single stage and so far am happy with that.
I was really in the dark about shot gun reloading . Have a idea about wad'/shell case's and powder
And that was about it until today.
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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