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Getting started

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I use about a case of shells a year and have been keeping the hulls .
I saw a used Mec 600 Jr. at the gun shop and wondered what I need to get started in reloading 20 guage 2 2/4 " Rem 1oz 7/8 shot, six fold crimp.. Can the shot be changed from 7 1/2 to six or four with out a powder change?. Nothing said in the Lyman book I have.
I already load rifle and hand gun , but never the shot gun.
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I agree with Jack and would not buy the Jr. as the case sizing is an important function. Mec's sizer is the best I have ever used. It can be adjusted to where it excessively sizes the case head and then they end up cracking. You'll end up needing a stand-alone sizer, I predict, as friends will find out you reload and give you hulls. So just get it with the press if you can.

To set the sizer, get a handful of shells from the range and find some that won't chamber in your gun. Then adjust it down until they will chamber. Simple, but important step.

Would hate to count the untold thousands of shells I have loaded on the old 'Grabber' machine which is progressive. Personally..... I would never go back to a non-progressive shotshell loader. If you can swing the money, it's well spent. The time savings will be enormous and I believe that once you establish a good rhythm, the ammo is more consistent.

The 3-stage crimp on the old Grabber that I used was excellent.

Only gripe I have had with Mec is that some of the loaders are incompatible with fine-grained ball powders like 452 and 473. They just bleed out everywhere..... the current 'flattened ball' of WST, WSF, etc., wasn't as bad. The new MEC machines may not have this same shortcoming as the older ones did.
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Believe me I've learned that lesson well!!!!!

It didn't like #4 shot much either. Tendency to bridge, then dump about the middle of the next handle pull.....
If you find a good deal on a used one, and aren't loading a huge amount of shells, by all means go for it!

Once you get the hang of it, the progressives will start calling your name.....
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