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Getting the Lead Out!

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I've reached a point that I don't like to shoot lead bullets, It's just too hard to get all of the lead out. 3 hours work for 20 minutes of fun aint worth it. What steps do you use for cleaning and how long does it take you? Your replies and comments are most welcome. Thanks in advance!
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Leading used to be a pain in the lower regions

Once I found out about lapping out the constriction where the barrel and frame join, leading became a thing of the past.
This past Sunday I shot my mod # 25-2, 45 acp/auto rim. I fired 200 or so rounds, according to my log I had fired 300-350 a couple of months ago, with just a wipe down for soot removal and rust preventive, prior to putting the revolver away. I did the same thing this Sunday and I'll do the wipe down several more times upon returning from the range before I clean the barrel and cyclinder. There's no leading, at all.
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