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Getting the Lead Out!

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I've reached a point that I don't like to shoot lead bullets, It's just too hard to get all of the lead out. 3 hours work for 20 minutes of fun aint worth it. What steps do you use for cleaning and how long does it take you? Your replies and comments are most welcome. Thanks in advance!
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The biggest thing to prevent leading is to make sure your bullets match your bore size and that the throats of your revolver are not smaller than the bore size. You can check for this by slugging your barrel and cylinder throats. The alloy of the bullets that you use should be tailored to the velocity at which you want to shoot them. I would invest in a "slug your barrel" kit or come up with an equivalent on your own. These kits are available from Dillon,Midway, and Brownells to name a few. Since I have done this with the revolvers that I shoot lead bullets in, I have minimal leading which is easily removed. The obvious thing is to stay away from factory lead ammunition and swaged lead bullets if you want to attain velocities over 800-1000fps. You only need to slug the barrel once and the benefits last as long as you have the gun. If your cylinder throats are undersized, it is a inexpensive matter to have it corrected by a good, reputable gunsmith. Short of this step, MikeG has got the alternative plan. Good luck.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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