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Getting the Lead Out!

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I've reached a point that I don't like to shoot lead bullets, It's just too hard to get all of the lead out. 3 hours work for 20 minutes of fun aint worth it. What steps do you use for cleaning and how long does it take you? Your replies and comments are most welcome. Thanks in advance!
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The type of powder you use can also change the leading you get. IMR 4227 gives less leading but in top loads you will lose a little velocity. Using IMR 4227 with a gas check design has always worked for me in problem guns.
When I get a new gun, I polish the bore with J&B compound from Brownell's. 20 Patches run down 20 times each will smooth the bore to a mirror shine. You can also firelap which does the same thing.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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