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Getting the Lead Out!

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I've reached a point that I don't like to shoot lead bullets, It's just too hard to get all of the lead out. 3 hours work for 20 minutes of fun aint worth it. What steps do you use for cleaning and how long does it take you? Your replies and comments are most welcome. Thanks in advance!
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As was said, it's easier to keep the lead out than get it out. Are these hand loads or factory loads? The old factory loads were bad. If you're handloading, and the bullet is smaller than the cylinder throats, it will lead. If your cylinder throats are smaller than the barrel bore, it will lead. If the bore is tight where the barrel screws into the frame, and loosens up front, it will lead.

Bullet hardness isn't as important, but if the bullets are too soft for heavy loads, or too hard for light loads, expect leading. Some bullet lubes just don't cut it.

The cheapest lead remover is a COPPER chore girl pot scubber. Get that cinch ring out of the middle of the chore girl, roll it out and cut off a strip about an inch wide and 3 inches long. There'll be lots of little loops of copper dropping loose, so don't do it on the living room carpet. Wrap it around an undersized barrel brush. Half a dozen passes gets most of the lead out. Use a bore brush to clean the corners of the grooves. Done in 5 minutes.

Shooters Choice Lead Remover sort of works. I put some on my brush, but I'm not sure it's worth the mess. Some folks say hydrogen peroxide cuts lead fast, but other folks say it can rust your barrel.

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