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The story from Judges 6 & 7 revolves around poor boy Gideon. Called by God to lead his people against the forces of the east.
Its a interesting read in that how a doubtful Gideon asks God for 2 miracles to prove his disbelief. He then goes on to organize a army which God then tells him is too much to defeat the army of the east which is numbered like the sand on the seashore.
After following Gods selection process and narrowing down his force to 3 companies of 100 men. Using only trumpets pitchers and lamps. Every man stood his ground.
Gideons sword was the word of God. As every man blew his trumpet, smashed his pitcher and help up his lamp. The enemy in its panic ran into the nite destroying each other in their fears.

The sword of Gideon marches on today, in the Bible Gods holy word.
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