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Girl gets three whole bucks in an hour

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A happy 16 year-old, Wisconsin girl named Corissa Wege, from the town of Hortonville, managed to successfully bag three deer on the first day of muzzleloader deer hunting season. Her father instructed her that there was a deer nearby as they were just about to set up for the hunt. Corissa stood in disbelief at first. She then spun around to see the deer. There it was, a ten pointer just as pretty as you please. Corissa grabbed the muzzleloader and let 'em have it. Just moments later, the thirteen pointer appears out of nowhere and Corrissa blasts that one too! Little did she know that the third was just behind the second and as soon as it revealed itself, Corissa nailed that one in quick succession as well. It turned out to be one of the quickest, but most successful hunting days of the entire Wege family. All together Corissa won 31 points for the day.

Hurray for Corrissa!

I'll tell ya, that girl is really somethin' else! :)

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Going past one is a bit selfish if you ask me.... if you got the tag, a double can be nice i suppose. A third is a bit rediculous.
Check the resource above in OP.

Without being there or knowing them I'll say this; I'm happy for her to bag a great buck with her own tag and I can understand her father not thinking twice about giving up his buck tag to her. Where I start to question that third buck is where did that tag come from? Obviously there are a million scenarios of how that played out, but clearly someone else from there party got to donate his/her buck tag. Maybe they had previous agreements, if you see a big one knock it down, I dont and will never know. I will say this though, I'd tag a buck for someone else after they burnt up their tag exactly one time without a standing agreement that that would be okay. It wouldnt happen a 2nd time because the second my tag went on that first buck would be the end our hunting career together.

Anyways, I hope she hasnt used up all her mojo at such a young age :p.

Check the resource story above in OP.

Yeah, I didn't want to be the first person to ask where she got 3 BUCK tags, all at one time, but now that the subject has been broached...

Wisconsin allows party hunting, whereby if you are within ear-shot of other hunters in your group who will arrive to immediately tag a deer you shot, it's fine to shoot several deer in a day. However, this young lady would need to have a good father and a great uncle, or something, to drop three bucks in one sit. From my perspective, I would have been equally impressed if she had contemplated the excess bounty she was being offered and chosen to pass on that third buck. I'd like to think my 13 year-old daughter would do so, anyway.

Check the resource story given above in OP.
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