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I have to second the paste wax, mine is MinWax but only because I couldn't find Johnson's.  I've never even opened a tube of the release agent that comes with bedding compound.

The "Pam" would probably work OK also.  My dad knew an old-time gunsmith who used WD-40!  I like the paste wax because it won't hurt the stock.  I always rub it into the checkering.

If you have an area where you want to have a close fit, but just a little clearance, a layer of electrical tape (covered with paste wax of course) leaves a nice even gap.

As far as the glass 'running,' one of the Brownell's products is more of a gel (Acra-Gel?).  The name escapes me.... anyway it isn't nearly so bad.

For what it's worth I've even used standard 2-ton epoxy from Wal-Mart with fine results in a pinch.  Just don't get the 5-minute stuff, sets up too quick.  

I'm sure JB Weld would work also.
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