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6-7 years ago I bought a Lew Horton gen 4 Glock 19 at the local farm store, it was cerakoted OD green before those were available directly from Glock, has adjustable sights ect.
Nice gun, I put an aftermarket trigger, oversize magazine release, upgraded recoil spring and beveled magazine well. Probably more money that one should spend on a plastic pistol but it's my EDC gun and I like it. The gun functions flawlessly with factory ammunition of any flavor and it's surprisingly accurate.
Here's where things go south, I bought a Silencerco Osprey for it and a threaded Lone Wolf barrel. It was supposed to be a drop in barrel but it's given me trouble with functioning with and without the suppressor from day one. What's odd is it functions perfectly with Gary's gen 2 19, not having any idea how to fit a barrel and being generally distrustful of so called "gunsmiths" these days I've never taken it anywhere to have it looked at.
Early this spring I loaded a bunch of cast and plated bullets in 9mm, took the gun out and shot it a bit and it's a jamming *** with the LW aftermarket barrel {conventional rifling}.
Fast forward to last week and I see Swenson Gock 19 barrels are for sale on Midway, 65.00, for that much I figure it's worth a try.
I get ready to take the pictures for this post and notice there's a good bit of peening on one of the lower surfaces of the Lone Wolf barrel, interesting.
Here's a picture of the barrels, oem Glock barrel on top, middle is the Lone Wolf and lower is the new Swenson barrel.
Anyone here had a Swenson barrel?

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A) I would defer to our gunsmiths here, but:
B) Could you measure the width of the slot in all the barrels? It could be an optical illusion but the Wolf barrel "looks" a bit narrow to me. I did download the full sized original pic & zoomed in to try to see better. It would be good to see a full on side view also. Perhaps w/a 6" scale in the view?
C) I would also check the "pin" that the barrel slot runs against. If the barrel is peened, it may be the pin is damaged also. But I would think it would be hard to remove from the frame making it obvious.
D) I never had a Swenson barrel but have historically heard good things about them.

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No, I've never had a Ron Swanson barrel 馃お

That pic is way too far back to find any details, but I'm curious about this "peening". Also have you actually tried using the factory barrel for those cast and coated bullets? One of my G17's collected lead quick enough, that it wasn't worth using, the others and a G19 couldn't care less.

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