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Glocks & lead bullets

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I'm sure this subject has been talked to death but I didn't need to pay attention until now. I find myself with 3-400 rounds of 9mm LRN ammunition and 2 Glocks and a Smith 59 to shoot them in. What is the reason for not shooting lead in Glocks? If I do shoot, say, 400 rounds through them should I use lead remover to clean them every hundred rounds or so? What's the best procedure?
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The Smith M 59s are still great pistols, go to the range and enjoy. I don't shoot lead or copper washed/plated lead in my Glocks.

There are cases where the Glock pistols have come apart with police officers when shooting "range" ammo supplied by the department, generally it is ammo from some where over seas, The bullets on these are jacketed, one Sergeant in the local Sheriffs department is on desk duty because his Glock can apart while shooting these less expensive rounds. The FBI reports that this has happened many times and has an open investigation at the moment.

I have never seen a Glock shooting lead come apart, but I have seen some pictures of them. The HK P7 pistols use the same style rifleing as the Glocks, there I have seen where the magazine blew out of the bottom and the slide locked in the back position. That shows Too much pressure, so the barrel was probably heavily leaded.

As far as the P220, which BTW is a really great pistol IMHO, that is my field carry pistol, if the barrel is leading up, I get my Lewis Lead Cleaner out and the problem goes away faster than I could do it any other way.

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My rule of thumb is to practice with the ammo that I will be carrying. It maybe more expensive, but there are no surprises. So my Glocks all shoot jacketed bullets which many of them I reload, but I use a middle of the road load. Plus I think I still have 10 boxes of factory ammo, it was on sale a couple years before this current economic crisis.


I agree with you, and I have slugged the barrel on my G37 because it not a common caliber, 45 GAP. I will have to find the notebook that I recorded all of the information in, but for factory jacketed .452 bullets to reload in 45 GAP brass, the barrel is tight. When I first got the pistol, I "miked" the factory ammo and the spent case. Then I slugged the barrel because this was considered to be a shorten high performace cousin of the 45 ACP, it isn't.

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