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Glocks & lead bullets

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I'm sure this subject has been talked to death but I didn't need to pay attention until now. I find myself with 3-400 rounds of 9mm LRN ammunition and 2 Glocks and a Smith 59 to shoot them in. What is the reason for not shooting lead in Glocks? If I do shoot, say, 400 rounds through them should I use lead remover to clean them every hundred rounds or so? What's the best procedure?
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I wouldn't put ANY cast bullets through a Glock.

Working at the local gunrange, I've personally witnessed several of these blow up due to excess lead buildup in the factory barrel. So far, only minor hand injuries have resulted, but the potential for more serious injury is there. Also, sweeping up the debris from the exploded handguns is interesting. Parts seem to scatter over a wide radius. The stunned look on the shooter's faces is priceless.
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