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Glocks & lead bullets

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I'm sure this subject has been talked to death but I didn't need to pay attention until now. I find myself with 3-400 rounds of 9mm LRN ammunition and 2 Glocks and a Smith 59 to shoot them in. What is the reason for not shooting lead in Glocks? If I do shoot, say, 400 rounds through them should I use lead remover to clean them every hundred rounds or so? What's the best procedure?
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The only way I will EVER fire a lead bullet in one of my GLOCKS, is to change out the barrel to a WOLF BARREL or other after market barrel. Then you can shoot all the lead bullets you want and not have a KaBoom!
I feel very positive that those who are making the 9mm Luger, 40cal S&W and the 10mm ammo in self defense loads are not concerned about a Ka-Boom from a GLOCK pistol. Now enters the Red-Neck reloader who wants to get all he can and then some from his plastic pistol ugly as it is perhaps, This is were you are most likely to see a Ka-Boom or some Police Department who spent their money on cheap foreign reloaded ammo.

Granted a steel frame pistol is stronger but it seems to me that GLOCK has been selling pistols for many years now and their batting average would put them in the hall of fame on the first go around. There I guess always going to be those who try and paint a sad picture of the Glock but common sense tells me they are still one of the very best semi-autos on the market today with one heck of a track record period.

I saw Colt Commanders frames fracture in less than 10,000 rounds some years ago and it was a lot stronger than todays plastic right gents. Well how come the GLOCK can shoot over 200,000 thousand rounds and keep on truckin down the road compared to anything else on the market. Ask yourself this one question folks, now when has Smith & Wesson, Colt or any other pistol manufacturer ever run tests, like those that have been run on a GLOCK or H&K pistol? :)
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1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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