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Glocks & lead bullets

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I'm sure this subject has been talked to death but I didn't need to pay attention until now. I find myself with 3-400 rounds of 9mm LRN ammunition and 2 Glocks and a Smith 59 to shoot them in. What is the reason for not shooting lead in Glocks? If I do shoot, say, 400 rounds through them should I use lead remover to clean them every hundred rounds or so? What's the best procedure?
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My shooting pard recently installed a .40 S&W Bar-Sto barrel with conventional rifling in his 10 mm Glock. Now, he has plenty of range pick up brass and less worries about a ka-boom.:D
. . . A case head can let go in any firearm. The question is, when it does, what is the outcome? A steel-framed autoloader will survive. A plastic framed gun (whether Glock or otherwise) will likely not.

A Glock with an aftermarket barrel may be less likely to have the problem as described, but don't say it's impossible. If a case head lets go the outcome is probably the same.
Agree. Forgot there are those who shoot and thrive on pushing the envelope. For the rest of us, a case head letting go is unlikely but still possible.
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