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Glocks & lead bullets

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I'm sure this subject has been talked to death but I didn't need to pay attention until now. I find myself with 3-400 rounds of 9mm LRN ammunition and 2 Glocks and a Smith 59 to shoot them in. What is the reason for not shooting lead in Glocks? If I do shoot, say, 400 rounds through them should I use lead remover to clean them every hundred rounds or so? What's the best procedure?
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Gee, sorry 'bout that!

As much as this subject has been hashed over in the past (as I now find out in hind sight) I sure didn't mean to open another can of worms. Apparently it just won't go away. Here's my take on the subject now that I've looked, listened and tried. The Poly rifling system is more prone to lead build up than is conventional rifling. Soft lead bullets more, hard less. I've now run 300 rounds of LazerCast LRN through the gun, 100 rounds at a time between cleaning. That's all I had around and I'll be reloading Jacketed from now on. Anyway. On inspection between cleaning at the 100 round marks, I would run some Lead Remover though, then a brush, then a clean patch. Only once did I find a small amount of lead still there at the last 1" of barrel. (Mine's a comp barrel, so I think the comp cuts may have contributed to that.) I let some Lead Remover soak for 10 minutes, brushed and swabbed again and it was perfectly clean. There was never any sign of lead at the breach end. In any event that's surely not a through test but then since we know there is a possible problem, why push the envelope? Anybody with a lot of lead to shoot and only Glocks to shoot them in just need to keep the rounds down to a minimum and check the barrel every 50 rounds or so until they know what's happening. Then clean good! Worked for me but now I'm outta that game! Thanks for all the opinions. That's what keeps forums like this valuable!
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