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As we did last year, my child bride and I are going traveling in the southern extremities this winter. And again, we’re not planning on sticking anyplace too long so will not take a PC with us, thus will be out of contact for about six months starting 10/26/02. During last years travels, I did discover than most libraries had available PCs I could use so I plan on trying to keep up with what wrestling matches you’ve tackled. Hopefully my reputation will be safe since no one from home will see me going into a library!

I haven’t had a chance to take any pictures of the new revolver I have, but the following is the description of Alpha Precision’s work done on an old model Ruger Super Blackhawk:
SA IV Custom Ruger: Best Grade 45LC. Includes: Custom oversize 1.780 " diameter five shot line bore chambered cylinder, cylinder stop support, custom oversize cylinder stop, premium barrel with 11 degree barrel crown and minimum barrel cylinder gap, Contour front sight with removable blade, and Bowen adjustable rear sight, steel ejector tube with double dowel installation, standard tune, adjusted carry up, free wheeling cylinder will rotate in either direction when loading gate is open, Colt ejector head, checkered hammer spur, and master high polish blue, appropriate markings, and test fire.

I had Blu Magnum make a set of fancy walnut grips (Taffin style) and a set of Micarta (Taffin style) that fit my smaller size hands.

I just got it last Thursday (25 months turnaround) and then had to move my son to a new house Friday and Saturday so have not shot it yet, but plan on doing so today. Jim Stroh (Alpha Precision) indicated he had an unusual result when test firing. The first front sight blade (it comes with two different sizes) shot point of aim for the light load and also shot to same point of aim for the heavier load. So we agreed I’d experiment and if I don’t get the same results, I’ll send him the target and second blade and he’ll adjust the second blade accordingly. Other than that, every thing looks great. I'll take this revolver and three others with us and work hard at finding places to shoot.

Soooooooo, good lord willing, I'll see you next May and tell you what a good shot I've become.....not to mention a whole lot poorer.

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