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Got a boar

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Got this boar monday.  Shot him twice from about 35 yards with 45, 18.5 grains of 2400, 325 flat point from lee mold water dropped wheel weight beartooth lube.  Recovered both bullets.  One hit spine and tumbled penetrated about 25 inches.  Other bullet except for rifling marks and lack of gas check could be reloaded.  Penetrated 40 inches from ham to brisket.    We figured he went 300-350 lbs.
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        Looks like you'll be set for bacon and 'chops for awhile, not to mention dental work, if you need a few extra tusks  :D

         That .45 Lee 325 WFN GC looks to be one deadly bullet. I have the same mold, and talk about a meplat ! Holey cow ! I see you have the limited SS Bisley .45 w/ 5.5" barrel, I also have the same gun, and it is quickly becoming a favorite. I'm very envious and happy for you on your successfull hunt. Where did you get him ?


P.S. This is the kind of stuff I love to see on the site. Real people, real hunts, real handloads. Great stuff!
Man!!! That is a great pic and an excellent pig. We have lots of pigs here in S.C. but the laws are stupid. We can hunt hogs all year round. Just like yotes but you have to hunt with the weapon of the season. Well there is no weapon of the season now so what do you hunt with. Most of us just go afield and if law enforcement wants to test it , well so be it. It needs to be tested. Repeal all laws back to 1918, I say.
Nice pig!  (and darn good shooting)  I can smell him from here.....

Any idea on the velocity?
Jeff, this pig was shot near Cook Station Missouri.

MIke, the load I shot him with clocks at 1083 fps, with a standard deviation of 6 for six shots.  The gun is pretty accurate with this load around 1.5 inches from 25 yards. I tried 21 grains of h110 gives 1235 fps, but it is not very accurate 4 to 5 inches with es of like 89 fps.  The increased recoil is significant as well.    

These bisleys have a tiny cylinder gap.  I'd guess its 1/2 the gap on my SRH and my dads SBH.  THats I guess the reason teh velocities are pretty good from 5.5-inch barrel.

My pop shot his pig with the leee 44 310 mold over 22 grains of 296 for 1350 fps.  I don't think his bullets even slowed down as they went through the pig, but they were more broadside shots.  

Matt, where in the state is that located?
That's a nice boar,MattC,how far are you dropping the slugs into the water bath?
Another pistol I will now have to find and own,didn't know Ruger made that one
Would you be interested you sending me some pictures and me doing a story on you for a website call the Missouri Sportsmen's Information Network and also to submit to the Missouri Conservationist and other magazines?

You can email me at [email protected] if you have an interest. Can't promise magazines but it will be on the website for sure.

Hope to see you in the woods or on the water.
Allen "horntagger" Morris
Leadbut, I open the mold a couple inches above a 5-gallon bucket of water.  Lately I have been dropping them into a taller bucket from a ice cream maker.  THey are hard enough when they get to the bottom that they don't dent.  Some guys drop onto a floating sponge, then you can get away with a shallower bucket.
Thanks Matt,well have to try this with the 45-120 mould I have as well as the others
Great picture.  I have shot hundreds of the 45 and 44 Lee FNGC bullets.  They do have a huge meplat.  I drop them into a 5 gallon pail and they are nice and hard.  Glad to hear your report because I always wondered about terminal performance on a hog.

Good job.
Just looked up where Cook Station is.  Went to college just down the road at UMR!  Small world... is this national forest, or what's the story?  I did not know that there were any pigs in the area, although I had heard that there were some near Lebanon MO.
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