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Just received my order of Beartooth .348 caliber 245 grain LFN GC bullets - very nice looking bullets.  I will be switching over from the Hornady 200 grain jacketed bullets I have been using in my M71 Winchester.  I notice that if I use the crimping groove in the Beartooth bullet that it will place the gas check down into the interior of the case and out of the neck.  Is that okay?  The gas checked base of the bullet passing through the neck once it is fired will not strip the gas check off will it?  I have been using cast lead bullets in several revolvers (357 Mag, 38/40, and 45 Colt) and in a Marlin M1895 rifle (a 45/70), but none have had gas checks; this is my first reload with a gas check bullet and I am not quite sure of all the details - thanks.  Odessa
p.s.  I called Hodgdon and their tech rep told me I could use the 250 grain jacket bullet data using H 4895 just fine with a gas checked lead bullet.  Anyone using that load?

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Ideally, the top edge of the gas check should not extend down past the case neck into the powder area. This would expose the lube groove above it in the bullet.

If part of the gas check is still in contact with the case neck portion, you should still be OK.

The idea is to not expose any lube grooves to the powder charge out of the neck "coverage".

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