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One of my favorite dinners is a heaping plate of fish and chips, the fish being crappie fillets and in addition to the fish, have deep fried spuds and onion rings.

The key to the fish is an excellent batter that is light and tender.  Here's the recipe:

In a medium mixing bowl combine:<ul>
<li> 2 Cups Flour
<li> 2 Eggs
<li> 1 Tblspn Baking Powder
<li> 1 Tspn Black Pepper
<li> 1 Tspn Paprika
<li> 1 Tblspn Salt
<li> Half Tspn. of Tobasco Pepper Sauce
<li> Enough milk to make a thin batter when thoroughly mixed.

While mixing batter heat oil either in a deep fryer or a 4 quart dutch oven to 350-375 degrees.  

Make sure chilled fillets are bone free by removing rib bones with a sharp fillet knife, then drop a half a dozen fillets into the batter at a time, then remove from bowl and drop directly into hot oil.  Cook until golden brown, usually no more than 3-4 minutes. Drain on doubled paper towel lined plate.  Repeat process until all fillets are cooked. (1 1/2 lbs of crappie fillets will feed 5-6 persons)

Slice two large yellow onions into slices, then separate slices into rings.  Then several rings at a time, immerse them into the ramaining batter prepared for the fish.  Drop these directly into the hot oil until golden brown, (for onion rings usually no more than 2 minutes). Drain on paper towel lined plate.

Finally slice 4-6 medium size potatoes into 1/4" thick slices across the potatoe to create nearly round shaped slices.  drop these directly into the hot oil, being careful not to cook to many at once, these need to cook for about 7 minutes.  Allow to drain thoroghly before serving.

When frying these, we prefer to use olive oil for a lighter, less oily finished dish.

Once ready for serving, this meal will serve 4-6 hungry people.  


God Bless,

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