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Great news from the Brady Campaign [to end gun rights]

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President Barack Obama on Monday received a failing grade from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence for running away from gun control.

The group, which endorsed Obama in 2008, gave him an “F” on every issue it scored, including background checks, gun trafficking, guns in public, the federal assault weapons ban, standing up to the gun lobby and leadership.

“It’s been a very disappointing year for us, especially considering what he campaigned on,” the group’s president, Paul Helmke, said during an appearance on MSNBC.

When Obama was elected, gun rights supporters feared the new president would take away their guns; their worries spiked gun sales in the days and weeks before Obama’s inauguration. The National Rifle Association (NRA) said Obama would be the most anti-gun president in U.S. history.

But the Brady Campaign, a leading advocacy group for stricter gun laws, said Obama actually has done little to clamp down on firearms since being elected. Instead, the president has signed into law two bills that favored gun-rights supporters.

“This year they ran away from the issue, and actually signed two repeals of good gun legislation,” said Helmke.

Obama signed legislation this year that would allow guns in national parks and on Amtrak trains.

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My $0.02

I'm skeptical of this. Not that they have given him an F rating, but that they actually mean it.

Sure, he's done jack when it comes to guns, but we've only had him in office for a year now. Regardless of which organization was rating him, it's too early to state "He's for/against guns."

My suspicion is that this is yet another ploy to convince gun owners that he's not a threat. Excepting an impeachment, he has three more years in which to go from the lurking threat we see him as, to a direct aggressor against gun rights.
The anti have only succeeded in whipping the gun owners into a frenzy. Their goal was less guns and the result is more guns on the streets. Its called "backlash".Kinda what we seen in Massachusetts last night. WTG antis!!!!!:)
I think KO Improbable hit the nail on the head.
Obama has plenty of time to do his thing and I dont trust him as far as I could throw him.
I believe he has 3 years yet to deliever on his promises he made to his financial contributors.
Just my thought on it.
IMO, the Brady bunch and all their ilk, should feel free to relocate to an island in San Francisco Bay where all the rooms come equipped with bars. They would feel right at home there.
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In my view this is bad, because it will get all the anti-gunners "Up in Arms" and Obama may be more apt to do something about it. I can't remember who said this but maybe Polosi said, we aren't going to push gun control now but wait for the right time and place.
Yeah, think KO has it right. The Brady Campaign 'news event' :rolleyes: is designed to soothe voters that are still on the fence, in the hope of not losing their support. Given the recent political winds blowing, we might expect to see increased gun control measures before the 2010 elections, where even more friendly (to Obama and gun control in general) votes may be lost.
I support the presidents failure in all his atempts to limit our freedom. An F at taking our guns away is music to my ears. But don't mistake patients for being on the side of the rights of the populus. Every time a gun control bill came up while he was a senator he voted to tighted restrictions on firearms. You can look up his record. It is pretty clear where he has stood and where he wants to take this country on this issue.
I was pretty sure he actually campaigned on NOT passing legislation against law abiding gun owners... even early in the year afterwards when it was brought up again he said it was not a concern, even with Eric Holder, congress said it was not a priority or a concern at the moment.

I agree we need to keep an eye on them at all times, but we should be doing our part to the get the facts straight.
Mattsbox99 the problem is he used typical doublespeek on this topic. saying he did not want to limit the gun rights of Law abididng citizens and at the same time pandering to the Brady cowd. The problem is he wants to change the definition of a "law abiding gun owner" to include less and less ownership of the guns, ammo and equipemnt used but the citizenry. The following has some good info on his past stances on the issues:
Look, you can find evidence on the internet of anything you want to support. I personally feel that McCain would have been more anti gun than Obama. McCain has a long track record of voting for anti gun legislation. I don't want this to become political, so I'll end it there.
Agreed McCain was no friend of individual liberty nor did he run on a conservative platform. My comment was intended to point out that we don't have to reserve judgement on this president's stance on gun rights he has demonstrated them in actions. No matter what double speek a politician uses if he has a voting record on a topic we can look it up.
This subject is a joke, just like the whole paranoid scramble for guns, ammo and reloading supplies over the last year. Fact is that Obama and the rest of the democrats don't have the stones to get anywhere near gun control. Just look at how they are running away from healthcare, now that Massachusetts has elected a Republican to the Senate.

Obama and the rest of the Democrat 'majority' is as impotent as my 90 year old grampa. Well, maybe grampa isn't THAT limp...:p

Sorry if this post violates the forum rules.
This subject is a joke, just like the whole paranoid scramble for guns, ammo and reloading supplies over the last year

I edited the original post and the first reply with quote, to get rid of the advertising. Just FYI.
OOPS. Sorry, I thought I had edited out the advertisement when I posted it. Guess the paste pasted more than I caught...
Yeah, had some imbedded HTML I think. Anyway.....

Just keep it civil and on topic, guys....
the current Gun control threats appear to be on the state level as Here in WA a new restrictive gun bill is being waved around the state legislature as have other states. constant vigilance is required to keep the grabbers in check.
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